Dedyushko could crash because of a faulty machine

Dedyushko could crash because of a faulty machineThe Prosecutor's office brought criminal case upon road accident that killed the family of Alexander Dedyushko. The reasons for "Toyota" actor jumped at the extreme opposite lane of motorway Moscow-Ufa and collided with a truck, still remain outstanding.The police on this account there are several versions.On one of them, Dedyushko could not cope with running on a slippery road. On the evening of November 3, in the Vladimir region was snowing, the wind did not abate, and on the track, which also was overloaded, ice was formed. It is not excluded that bad weather conditions could prevent a 45-year-old actor to make overtaking. It is also possible that performing the maneuver, Dedyushko did not notice the approaching truck due to poor visibility. Although, according to employees of traffic police, the accident occurred on the stretch of highway, where the two sides are gas stations and the road is well lit. There is a third version: the actor could doze off at the wheel."The causes of the incident can be both bad weather (that evening was snowing), and heart, and fatigue, but I exclude recklessness," he said in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" the head of the traffic police Petushki district of the Vladimir region Alexander Ermakov.The driver of the truck "Scania", 38 year old Anatoly Tutorin claims that Toyota Dedyushko jumped in front of his car for 15 yards to the collision. "Their car was suddenly started to give drivers the edition "Your day". - I tried to brake, but the collision was inevitable.".

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