Diners were shocked by Lolita hairstyles

Diners were shocked by Lolita hairstylesLolita shocked admirers of their talent, appearing at a fancy restaurant with snakes on her head.Hungry Lolita ran in the St. Petersburg restaurant in makeup immediately after shooting at new year's film "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors".On the shooting of the new film by Alexander Yudina singer Lolita ran off the train.- Just arrived from a tour, sorry for delay, - cute smile, said Lola and flapped into his dressing room."Wow, "slight delay"! We are already three hours waiting, " he pouted Philip, who came to the set almost before anyone else. Lolita quickly make up and dressed in a suit Anida (Snake) - Confederate villain Pilipa, which plays Philip.- Lolita Philip perfectly joined in the role of villains, the Director says. They understood each other perfectly. They do not even bother the fact that they intrigue my great friend Nikolai Baskov, who plays Yakupova (Parrot).RestaurantImmediately after the shooting Lolita ran to the nearest restaurant.- The whole day I ate nothing! Immediately carry the menu! she commanded, ignoring the visitors, who lost the gift of speech from crazy hairstyles Lolita.Obviously, without complexes Baba - whispering all. Source: Diners were shocked by Lolita hairstyles.

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