`Ice` shooting Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

`Ice` shooting Anastasia ZavorotnyukAbout the film "the Apocalypse Code", in which the main role was played by "the nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk seems to know everything. However, after the premiere of the film in the public domain are becoming the new details of the shooting.So, beloved Zavorotniuk Sergei Zhigunov said that in any episodes Anastasia was replaced by understudy and about the horrible shooting in the icy water."I'm proud of Nastya, it's very cool," says the actor. - It is unfortunate that in the picture not included the most difficult scene when Anastasia flew fighter in place of the second pilot".Despite the endurance and enthusiasm Zavorotnyuk, in some scenes it was still replaced by the understudy. "In the picture there is huge mileage in the woods. Nastya though constructive criticism, but to run so fast he can't. But still the scene included in the film, She played herself, because at the time of shooting the double hurt".In "Nude" scene Zavorotniuk also played herself, writes "Express newspaper". "Of course," confirms Zhigunov. - There from the beginning, the understudy was not provided. So what's so it's not bare, and her character! Nastia even the question was not: to play or not to play? This is his job. Worse was when she washed under a cold shower. Here I was very worried, fearing for her health. The scene was filmed in France, in ordinary rented apartment, as well as the French people are greedy, the owner turned off the hot water. She did a few takes under the icy water... don't know how I would have survived. Besides, the apartment was cold. Warmed her then than I could." Source: "Ice" shooting Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

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