Italy opened the Venetian carnival

Italy opened the Venetian carnivalThe carnival opened with the traditional flight of the angel from the highest bell tower (70 m) in the square of St. Mark to the Doge's Palace.A long white robe from wearing Moschino famous rapper Coolio, who gained worldwide fame through the song "gangsters Paradise", transfers ITAR-TASS.Immediately after his touchdown celebration commenced on all major areas of Venice. This year's carnival, called Sensation about five senses of human perception: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, which will represent five of the six Sestiere (city districts). "Sixth sense" to represent St. Mark's square.Tens of thousands of tourists, dressed in traditional Venetian masks and colorful costumes, took to the streets of the city on the lagoon to celebrate this holiday. Venice authorities this year have entrusted the organization of the festival Marco Balich, known for his performances at the Winter Olympics in Turin.According to documentary information about Venice carnival thousands of years. In medieval Venice carnival was much longer than it is now. Ended it, and now, on ash Wednesday, before lent, but began in late December, and the mask was allowed to wear as much as from October 1, reminds NEWSru Journey.In our days every year over half a million fans of the carnival come to Venice to see all the eyes to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of carnivals of the past centuries, to join the fun street processions, as well as to participate in costumed performances.On the twelve days of streets, canals and bridges of the old city is turning into the scenery of one of the most spectacular carnivals in the world. Venetian carnival covers the entire city: colorful festive crowd fills the narrow streets and spacious city squares, where the unfolding theatrical performances and performances, fireworks and noisy festivities.On the streets of Venice facing the citizens in costumes world famous Italian characters of the Commedia Dell'arte : harlequin, Pierrot, Pantaloon, and many others. The streets filled with magicians, jugglers, mimes, acrobats. To arrange a presentation of any person who wants to showcase their talents.Traders put on shelves the mountains of masks, carnival costumes, cloaks and hoods, so that everyone was able to become a full member of this colorful festival, but many people prefer to create their own unique masterpieces. The conduct of the carnival remained the same as it was in the Middle ages. Source: Italy opened the Venetian carnival.

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