Podolsky became Marlene Dietrich

Podolsky became Marlene Dietrich Transparent black dress, the singer tried on a naked body.For the fashion show Alina Assi, devoted images of the most famous and erotic women in the arts, the singer Natalia Podolskaya from red beast turned into a legendary actress Marlene Dietrich.In a trendy salon on Natasha's face immediately conjured four masters. Thin thread eyebrows, false eyelashes, sponges bow and skillfully superimposed blush - and before us are no longer popular modern singer, and a lady from the middle of the last century.Outfits Marlene Dietrich was famous in his time for the but. The actress couldn't even go outside without protection. Podolsky also tried the famous transparent dress a La Marlene, which she wore exclusively on the naked body. Natasha also decided not to break this "law".A new image of the singer complemented the famous bowler Dietrich and mouthpiece.- I'm brand new. How I love it all! - dressing in front of the mirror satisfied Podolsk. - Actually I'm not Smoking - confessed "KP" Natalia, languid drag of a cigarette in the mouthpiece. But to create an image which just will not do. Source: Podolsky became Marlene Dietrich (photos).

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