Andrew Smolyakov smashed his head

Andrew Smolyakov smashed his headWell-known actor Andrey Smolyakov recently got on a hospital bed with a very serious injury. In Institute of a name Sklifosovsky artist brought his son Dmitry.Smolyakov was pale, with bloody bandaged jacket head. To know the man she was almost impossible."Fell and hit his head," I can barely hear it said doctors Smolyakov. The actor immediately inspected and, obnarugili he lacerated wound of the temporal region, sent to the operating table - stitches.As soon as the actor came to, he told what actually happened to him. No fall was not, but Smolyakov mention of the attack.According to the artist, somebody attacked near the metro. The attackers, apparently, will remain unpunished."I don't even want to think about it - sadly told the actor. - The good son Dima was there, helped me. The police did not write the statement " no need. I have better days promise to write".Most Andrew I. regrets that due to an emergency had to postpone the shooting of the series "House of exemplary content", writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Most likely, 10 January the actor will start working. Source: Andrew Smolyakov smashed his head.

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