Kidman keep to a diet to save the child

Kidman keep to a diet to save the childPop-photo actress Nicole Kidman in free dress fanned speculation that the star is expecting her first biological child.Oscar-winning actress often appears in public in a slinky dress that emphasizes all the advantages of her figure, indicating how many hours a day she spends in the gym.This time, however, the dress in which Nicole and her husband Keith urban came out to have Breakfast out of the house in Sydney, was much more free than usual. In addition, the dress with a high waist clearly emphasized the emerging Nicole tummy, writes The Daily Mail.Earlier it was reported that on Christmas Nicole allegedly told his family that is expecting a child. Since then there are new details related to her pregnancy. Friends of Kidman announced that the actress is planning to have a baby in a private clinic in Sydney. Most likely, the child will also grow in Australia, so he could preserve the "national identity". And Nicole and her husband Keith grew up in Australia.A source said: "Nicole and Keith are very proud of its Australian origins and want to raise a child in Australia. They believe that the system of health and education developed here is better than anywhere else"."For them it is important that child to grow up in a healthy atmosphere. They want to be sure that their kid grows up in a normal family. They would prefer that their relatives were involved in the child's upbringing. They don't want to rely on nannies", he added.Kidman also has to follow a particular diet to keep the baby, the appearance of which is expected in late summer. Recall that after the divorce with Tom cruise in 2001, Nicole said that during the marriage, in which she adopted two children (14-year-old Isabella and 11-year-old Connor), she had several miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. The actress eats fruits, vegetables and foods rich in proteins. Source: Kidman on a diet to save the child.

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