Julia Roberts pushed the car to ditch the paparazzi

Julia Roberts pushed the car to ditch the paparazziHollywood actress Julia Roberts chased the car with the paparazzi when they tried to take a picture of her at school, AFP reports.The actress was racing for photographers on a jeep "Mercedes", honked and gave them a gesture to stop. This can be seen on the tape, aired on the TV show Inside Edition.40-year-old Roberts was yelling at the paparazzi: "turn the camera Off. I want to talk to you about what you are at the school where children go".This incident was another episode in the "war" that is on the streets of Los Angeles is between the paparazzi and celebrities.Last week, actor George Clooney lashed out at the paparazzi. "What they do is illegal. They are riding at high speeds, compete with each other. They don't just want to catch me for some kind of stupid, they want to make me do something stupid. You cannot break the law, and then say: "I'm just doing my job".A week earlier, the singer Britney Spears once again went after one of constantly pursuing her paparazzi. This was the second such incident with the singer in recent months. Source: Julia Roberts pushed the car to ditch the paparazzi.

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