Pregnancy Volkova disappointed Americans

Pregnancy Volkova disappointed AmericansTo be a global star means to attract the attention of millions of people from different countries. However, the news about the same celebrity can cause very different emotions in different cultures.Days.Ru decided to conduct a little experiment: news about the Western stars especially for us now, says a resident of the United States of America.This will allow you to look at the world of show business through different eyes, learn the realities of life in "the forge" celebrities world-wide.Our expert named Gavin O'neill, he lives in Pennsylvania, in a small town. About star of life he, as we know from the press, Internet and TV programs. So, especially for you news showbiz last week the eyes of the American.More emotions this week called, perhaps, a note about plastic surgery. According to the specialist of this area, Hollywood is about 60 per cent of ladies have gone through the particular procedure in the clinics of plastic surgeons."In the U.S. we're talking about Hollywood, though it and its inhabitants is a part of another country. Maybe even another planet, which revolves in its orbit somewhere on the coast near Los Angeles. When you claim that "60 percent of Hollywood women undergo procedures", I can see how women roll their eyes with a grimace of disgust, and men begin to marvel at the wonders of plastic surgery. 60 percent is a lot. But here we must understand that we are talking about the independent Republic of Hollywood. To understand this phenomenon by simply watching our TV shows. Americans are obsessed with a show about plastic surgery, of which there are multitudes.The next news we asked him to comment on the new video "Tattoo" called "White robe". According to publications in the Western media, this video has caused nebyly hype. Recall that in the story the heroine Lena Katina ordered to shoot heroine heavily pregnant Yulia Volkova. Our expert video is not impressed. Struck him quite another fact. It turns out that in the US people still believe in the legend of lesbian love of singers, whereas in Russia this myth is not believed ever."Oh, the horror. But the real shock is not that the girl is pregnant. We all know that lesbians can't get pregnant, that is big news, not this pretentious video. Americans, as it happened, is it possible that "Tattoo" were not true? Is it possible that "Tattoo" were never a lesbian group? And how many CDs they sold us... Americans, it seems, deserve an apology and at least one parting hard-core scene.".

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