Gusev was cold, making love in the cave

Gusev was cold, making love in the cave Star "Teams" Ekaterina Guseva took pneumonia. Artist four hours poured ice water from fire hoses and buckets, and then forced to strip almost naked. Drenched from head to toe, Kate indulged in amorous pleasures.Warming his breath stiff arm to break.- Urgently hot tea Guseva, not sick! - shouted the film's Director Kirill Belevich ("Death to spies", "the Detectives of regional scale") after this was filmed the last take. However, actress tea is not saved.LoveAccording to the scenario of a new detective "save our souls" heroine Guseva after the storm is covered with a loved one in a cave, where they indulge in a passionate caress. Frozen Catherine could barely contain the shiver, portraying languor and bliss, while her partner Mikhail Martyanov gently embraced her.By the end of the day Kate was beginning to shiver. She got worse - the actress had a high fever and then lost my voice. Kate kept from last forces. However, doctors called only when Guseva started coughing.After the final scene of the pale actress sat in the car and on the same day flew to Moscow, where she was hospitalized in one of the capital's hospitals with the diagnosis "a pneumonia". Source: Guseva cold, making love in the cave (photo).

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