Alexey Vorobyov starred in the new movie

Alexey Vorobyov starred in the new movieIn mid-September, the series is Uniform" and Director Victor Konasewich started shooting a full-length adventure film "Crash" scenario Alexander Gonioscope. A fantastic story based on a secret city comics Shilov.Starring 16-18-year-old boys, one of whom is the star of MTV, singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov, as well as popular Russian actors: Alexey Panin, Stanislav Lyubshin, Alexander Trofimov, Andrey Kharitonov and the star of the show "Our Russia" Sergey Svetlakov.For me it was the first experience of filming in a big movie. - To share the emotions of sparrows. - I had the great honor to play with such great actors as Lyubshin, Trofimov. No he might have a chance to be with them on one set. Now they are not so much paying attention only to the most vivid scenarios and roles. With Director Victor Conselice we worked well together from the first days of shooting, he really is a very professional person who knows his business.In 1915 young inventors Tsiolkovsky and his friend Vigodsky loved a girl named Anna. In the fight for her love, they have created a wonderful machine, which emits a magical CRACKLE, which gives strength for the fulfillment of desires. Anna chose Profitable. And the machine came to Lenin. In 2008, sixteen year old girl Nuka (the granddaughter of the scientist Profitable) and her contemporary and friend Vera found machine. From that moment in a small town Shilovo and begins an incredible adventure.In the film Alex plays the handsome biker named Grey. In this role claimed about 150 young men, but in the opinion of the Director, sparrows better than others got in the way of the hero. What Alex will fulfill one of the main soundtracks of the film, was not even discussed. The Director decided that he needs to Shine in "Cod" unusual "is not poppin' face. Now, in one of the music scenes of the film Alexei Vorobyov dressed and made-up in the style of the band "the Cure", and sings the song in the format of industrial punk. What is certainly not expects none of his fans.- In the story I'm a motorcyclist, - says Alex, - the truth that I was allowed to ride a motorcycle in the movie, I had to steal it from the site, and only after everyone saw my masterful driving skills, I believe that I can drive. In the movie will be a lot of tricks. After Victor watched my new music video for the song "Now or never", where I am almost all the stunts were performed by myself, I was allowed to perform difficult stunts without a stunt double.PR-Agency "Success" Source: Alexey Vorobyov starred in the new movie.

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