Olga Kabo brought into the light of a future husband

Olga Kabo brought into the light of a future husbandActress Olga Kabo in no hurry for a second time to create a family. She works hard, and what her personal life, know only the closest. To the question, do not met until a decent man, "the bride" every time is very evasive answers.But last weekend Cabo for the first time brought out of the close person, 43-year-old businessman. Cabo has officially divorced the father of her 8-year-old daughter Tatiana a few years ago. The cause of the divorce, as usual, was the diversity of characters".Ex-husband of Olga, the owner of the Bank and the candidate of economic Sciences, according to rumors, was the complete opposite accustomed to act spontaneously Olga. As a prudent man, he did not consider acting as a serious profession, has repeatedly asked the actress to leave the cinema for the sake of family happiness, terribly jealous of her partner in the film and always preferred to stay in the shade. Many of his acquaintances didn't even know who his spouse.Before marriage they had known each other for three years, and met at the film festival, which is sponsored by the future spouse whom eventually Olga lived for seven years. Recognized beauty again attracted the attention of the stronger sex. In Cavaliers jammed her many men, among them were famous actors, and successful businessmen. However, anybody that Olga didn't make a serious relationship, carrying all the cares of the household and the upbringing of daughters only on their shoulders.About her second marriage Cabo said: "If the man wanted to go by the hand in life, why not?" And now, it seems, a 39-year-old actress has made his choice. The actress and her friend spent a Sunday afternoon on the display of a new collection of Masha Tsigal. Olga and myself went to the podium. As told "GG" friends of the actress, a new novel so inspired her, that she even discovered his culinary skills and pampers Pets and your friend a cake "Napoleon".Yellow paper (#42) Source: Olga Kabo brought into the light of a future husband.

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