Paris Hilton and her dog will be resurrected after death

Paris Hilton and her dog will be resurrected after deathParis Hilton is going to live forever, giving his body to be frozen after death, reports the Daily Star. The super-rich heir to a hotel Empire is investing money in large cryogenic company, which aims to save her, and then brought back to life.The plan is that future technology will be able to recover the Paris young as ever. And for a company Paris also freeze their beloved Pets.26-year-old socialite bought the company's shares Cryonics Institute in Michigan, which is engaged in cryogenic research. "This is so cool. Almost all cells in the body remain alive when announcing a death. But if the body is immediately cooled, it is possible to save it," she says.The first to try new development in their own skin will probably be beloved Chihuahua Paris named tinkerbell. They say the dog is about to die. Source: Paris Hilton and her dog will be resurrected after death.

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