Britney Spears ponders the role of the virgin Mary

Britney Spears ponders the role of the virgin MaryBritney Spears may not be the best mother in the world, but one producer thinks she a good enough actress to play the role of the virgin Mary.Tabloid US Weekly in its latest issue reports that 26-year-old Spears was offered a role in the movie Sweet Baby Jesus, satirical adaptation of the story of Christ's birth.In the film, 19-year-old pregnant Mary from the city of Bethlehem (in the American state of Maryland, there is a city), not knowing who the father of her child, at Christmas start at birth. People say it's the second coming of Christ.French film producer Philip told the magazine: "I had to convince my partners, because they doubted about Britney"."But I think it fits perfectly. Of course, the fact that she will be playing the virgin Mary, there is a bit of irony", he added.Now Spears is reading a script and have to make a decision in the next few days. "I heard that she likes the idea," says Rabba. Also working on the movie considering Lily Tomlin and Melanie Griffith.Last year Indian Director T. Rajeevnath made a very similar initiative. He had the idea to use famous secular lioness Paris Hilton in the lead role of his paintings about Mother Teresa. He also hoped she would agree, but this story and so did not continue. Source: Britney Spears ponders the role of the virgin Mary.

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