At Windsor castle for Sarkozy and Bruni cook one bedroom

At Windsor castle for Sarkozy and Bruni cook one bedroomIn the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain believe that the President of France Nicolas Sarki married his girlfriend Carla Bruni before the official visit to London, writes in the Sunday Times newspaper.Thus the French leader and his companion will not have to offer separate bedrooms at Windsor castle, and the British Queen Elizabeth II will avoid the awkward situation, says the publication.Status Bruni has already caused confusion in the diplomatic agencies of some countries, reminiscent of The Times. So, according to some, the diplomats of Saudi Arabia called on Sarkozy not to include her friend in the delegation during the official visit to this country until she officially becomes the "first lady". The Indian authorities were also unable to decide what Protocol to receive the companion of the French President.According to French media, Sarkozy and Bruni were married on 9 February 2008. However, the President himself, commenting on these reports, has said it will not allow the press to show him the wedding date. Source: Windsor castle for Sarkozy and Bruni cook one bedroom.

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