Husband Orbakaite in an emphasis do not notice Metamorfosi wife

Husband Orbakaite in an emphasis do not notice Metamorfosi wifeLook at the nominees at the ceremony tor X Sexy" or to participate in the race sex appeal hurried many artists, bringing friends and relatives.Sergey Shakurov with his wife Natalia, a member of the group "Factory", Vika Daineko, Agniya Ditkovskite with her fiance Alex Chagovim, Alyona Bondarchuk, Tina Kandelaki, the brothers Zapashny, "Serebro", the beauty of "VIA gra", Derek Jeter and other stars.Kristina Orbakaite appeared at the ceremony one of the last, but immediately caused the crowd of journalists a flurry of gossip. A few days ago in the crowd started whispering that successor Alla Borisovna has visited a plastic surgeon. A visit to Aesculapius was caused by a problem with the lips incurred by the 36-year-old star. Christina Edmundovna seemed that lately they don't look too chubby. As a result of the injection of Botox.Shone from the abundance of jewelry diva really noticeably changed. Despite the lack of radical metamorphosis, Chris still gave reason to think that the secular gossip not so fantastic. The celebrity was silent, so dialogue failed: journalists looked Christine in her mouth, and Christina with anger even more pressed his lips together.Daughter Pugacheva generally reputed skitnica. A couple of years ago, changing the shape of the nose, Orbakaite, too, was slow to admit the trip to the surgeon. Stellar client accidentally gave Director Oleg Gusev, reported in an interview that the surgery Christina decided after saw the video "Adidam". Correcting the image of the diva on screen, computer scientists had "fixed" her nose. The result so impressed the singer that after watching the music video, she stated emphatically: "I Want a nose clip!".

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