The first time Russia will host the Festival of Bossa Nova

The first time Russia will host the Festival of Bossa NovaOn 26 October with the support of the holding "MIEL" on the stage of the Moscow art theatre them. Bitter will be the first Russian Festival of Bossa Nova. His idea belongs to Irina Bogushevsk and Alexei Ivashchenko.The festival will feature songs Antonio Jobim, translated by Irina Bogushevsk and Oleksiy Ivaschenko on Russian language. With the Russian text of the "classics" of Bossa Nova will be executed first. In the concert will participate: Irina Bogushevsk and Oleksiy Ivaschenko, Sergey Mazaev and VIP ZONE Orchestra, Alexey Kortnev, Alena Sviridova, "horonko-orchestra and BRASILIS Brazilian team BAND, which will present the traditional Bossa Nova.Musical legacy of Tom Jobim's huge. If you collect all composed songs, then perform them many hours of concerts without a break. One only Frank Sinatra has recorded two "long-running" CD with his compositions. And the world-famous song Jobim "the Girl from Ipanema" by popularity is not inferior to the legendary Beatles 'Yesterday'.The holding "MIEL" always liked to do what others do not, finding his original line. The same applies to musical projects that are supported by the company. And MIEL loves good music, which, unfortunately, needs support. We want this music and its listeners found each other. This will be a unique concert, because nothing of the kind in Russia never was. Thank you to the wonderful authors and musicians who invented it did."We wanted the Bossa Nova in Russian sounded flawlessly and accurately," explains Irina Bogushevsk. We sought to convey the beauty of the original texts with their romanticism and great sense of humor. We spent almost a year of life. And we really like what we got. We showed this program to the public and were happy with what the people in the audience laughed where we wanted them to laugh, and cried when it was sad for us - and did not want to leave the gym.We really like it that we want to share our joy with the maximum number of people. Therefore, we need the support of our associates, the company "MIEL" and the Agency "art mania" hosted a celebration of life in honor of the fact that Russian song culture integrates that part of the world of classical music called Bossa Nova". Source: the first time Russia will host the Festival of Bossa Nova.

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