Doctors fight for life of Lyudmila Zykina

Doctors fight for life of Lyudmila ZykinaFor the life of Lyudmila Georgievna beat the doctors of the military hospital in Pyongyang, where she is undergoing treatment.Lyudmila Georgievna felt ill three days ago and came down with severe pain.She complained to Korean physicians on "the buzz", heavy legs and General malaise. The doctor immediately checked her pressure and cardiogram done. The results were disappointing - Zykina was severely elevated blood pressure.PressureDoctors Russian stars immediately gathered at a Council has determined the method of treatment.Lyudmila Georgievna has prepared a special infusion of herbs and made compresses.Alas, this time the Eastern method of treatment does not bring results, and in the evening the condition of the 78 year old actress has deteriorated sharply. Tonometer showed the level of pressure 200/180...Doctors hospital immediately contacted the personal physicians of the country's leader Kim Jong-Il.Russian - patient treated by us by special invitation of the father, - has told "Your DAY" one of the staff of the hospital. For her special care, and besides, Ludmila personally oversees the personal physician of our dear Kim Jong Il.After consulting with the luminary of Korean medicine, the hospital decided to apply for the treatment of Zykina traditional drugs. Lyudmila Georgievna has made several vasodilating injections, put on a drip.Now people's artist feels a little better. But she still suffers from headaches.OperationDue to Lyudmila Georgievna of hypertensive crisis doctors were forced to postpone the surgery on the blood vessels.- It is first necessary to stabilize the pressure, and then to operate - continued our interlocutor in Pyongyang.In Korea, the singer arrived in early 2008. All this time the best doctors in the country tried to " cure Zykina venous varicose veins, but Eastern medicine was powerless against serious illness of the singer.Then the doctor decided to have recourse to surgery through small incisions using a special hook to remove the affected veins. According to doctors, now the surgery can not be done. In addition to increased pressure the singer lives with diabetes. The doctors agreed that it is first necessary to stabilize the General condition, and then curing the main disease.In gratitude Lyudmila Georgievna happy in the hospital... concerts. According to doctors, especially popular songs performed Zykina in Korean.- While the amazing Russian woman stands up, but we will do everything to make her easier! he assured us our source in Korea. Source: Doctors fight for life of Lyudmila Zykina.

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