Pregnant Volkova became infected in the USA with a dangerous virus

Pregnant Volkova became infected in the USA with a dangerous virusPregnant Yulia Volkova, fly to Los Angeles, picked up there, unknown dangerous virus and returned to Moscow is clearly sick. But despite serious indisposition, Julia, known for his explosive temper, managed in broad daylight to throw in a scandal of his fan.To Moscow from Los Angeles, CA Julia arrived on Tuesday evening. At the airport she was met by excited Parviz, who like no one else concerned about the health of a pregnant Julia. After a long flight and change of climate, and even unknown illness could seriously affect the pregnancy of the singer.The diseaseHiding in the VIP room, where immediately after leaving the plane went Volkova, Parviz stayed there for almost an hour. Apparently, Julia felt so bad that could not immediately upon receipt of the Luggage to go to the car, and would prefer to rest, hiding from prying eyes behind the strict security. When the couple still went down from the second floor of the airport, always cheerful Julia looked very pale and exhausted.She could barely speak with Parviz: we heard the hoarse voice of "tattoo", and on her tired face was full of suffering. But despite not feeling well, "tattoo", featuring explosive character, could not resist the scandal. She pounced on one of his fans who rented Yulia and Parviz on an ordinary camera. The singer snatched the camera out of the hands of a frightened girl.- Immediately remove all the photos! "demanded Julia. - Parviz, erase all images!Beloved supported emaciated Julia on the shoulder and they slowly walked to the exit of the airport.The dangerNot only physicians, but also parents and friends of 22-year-old Volkova, located on the seventh month of pregnancy, warned Julia from overly active, crazy rhythm of life that does not cease to lead the young "tattoo". Relatives and beloved Julia Parviz begged her not to put yourself and baby at risk, but "tattoo", ignoring their requests, still flew to America on shooting a new video group.Long flight, jetlag and exhausting shooting could not but affect the health of a pregnant Julia. Now she still have to go to the doctors and to undergo a detailed examination. Source: Pregnant Volkova became infected in the USA with a dangerous virus.

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