The sex symbol of Germany promised to strip for 1 million euros

The sex symbol of Germany promised to strip for 1 million eurosWorld champion swimmer, a German BRITA Kamrau-Korostin for several years, is considered one of the sex symbols of the world of sports. In this capacity, 28-year-old native of Rostock adequately replaced the previous German sex bomb, Francis van Almsick.France, like BRITA, too, was the star of the swim and was also born in the former GDR.Leading men's magazines in Germany have long been fighting for the right to publish a series of pictures with Nude Shaved, but despite the shaft of the proposals, the German kept steady.A small exception was made in 2006 for the magazine "Maxim", but then the photos, what you see looks perfectly chaste. German fans of Britons want to see more.And the BRITA Kamrau-Korostin, among other things, a qualified lawyer, give them this hope.In an interview with the tabloid Bild BRITA made a rather controversial statement: "My photos in the Nude would put a cross on my future career as a lawyer. Still, I wouldn't say they never get naked in front of a photographer completely. If any publication is going to pay for a photo shoot for a million euros, I'll strip down to the end.".

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