Orbakaite pregnant

Orbakaite pregnantRumors about a possible pregnancy of the daughter of Alla Pugacheva began to spread after her a couple of times on tour became ill.In Pavlovskij-Possad November 23 and Naro-Fominsk on November 25. Then after the performance, the singer asked the administrators of the water, repeating that she was very hot, and dizzy. At the puzzled looks of his fellow dancers, the singer was just told that I'm just tired.- Well, can I just ask for water?! with the characteristic humor and optimism in his voice told pop diva.But it was enough to talk about a possible pregnancy in a short time reached the borders of MOSCOW, and then occupied the capital's Beau Monde. However, people accepted into the family Pugacheva claim that Christina recently changed.She became more feminine, her eyes appeared blissful view, inherent to all expectant mothers. And indeed Orbakaite times in a recent interview reported that she would give birth to his legal wife Dmitry Zemtsov child. Who knows, maybe her dream will soon be realized. Source: Orbakaite pregnant.

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