Gosha Kutsenko compromised our Masha Malinovsky

Gosha Kutsenko compromised our Masha MalinovskyMasha Malinovskaya in the spring of this year, will delight the audience with their fresh talent. Bright blonde had time to try yourself as a TV presenter, MP and singer, and now it can be assessed as an actress.Debut Masha was in the film directed by Aleksandr Chernyaev "kings can do Everything". Malinowska's got one of the key roles.Aspiring actress appears as a glamorous diva, which is leading the hunt for experienced paparazzi performed by Oskar Kuchera and Gosha Kutsenko.According to the scenario the characters of Oscar and goshi collect compromising information about celebrities, often with explicit provocations.At one point the heroine Masha Malinovskaya gets their bait. Gosh seduces his "sacrifice", and the hero Oscar makes incriminating pictures.In the morning appear in the Newspapers pictures of juicy content. The heroine Malinovskaya because of this start in big trouble - scheduled breaks the engagement."Honestly," says Masha Malinovskaya, is to go out for the first time on a movie set was very scary. This was my first experience of filming in a big movie. I have no acting training. Even the slightest experience of filming a movie, and here I am in the team to such actors, professionals. But it seems that the Director is satisfied with me, and complaints to me as the actress was not.".

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