Millions of readers Maksim - fiction `Gala records`

Millions of readers Maksim - fiction `Gala records`Singer of songs of his own composition, acting under a male name MAKSIM (aka Marina MAKSIMOVA, aka Marina Abrosimova), last year was crowned with many awards as the best selling Russian artist.According to information cited in the media, her debut album "Hard age" has sold 1.2 million copies, while sales of the second album "My Paradise" on the first day alone amounted to half a million discs. However, these undeniable seemingly achieve unexpectedly questioned businessman Viktor BATURIN, who sponsored Dima BILAN and cooperated with the release of his albums with the same company "Gala records" that promotes Maksim.- All these things Alexandra Blinova from "Gala records", who is trying to make Maksim popular singer, of course, not very honest, " said Viktor. What it does is a complete garbage! It doesn't have anything unique - no vocal, no music, no texts, no appearance. It is a small club. On stadium singer she does not pull. And the stories "Gala records" about the millions of readers... no one knows what and how actually sold. In our country it is a mystery. She Maksim does not create the impression of a rich girl. Anyway, compared to Bilan. I know how much gets Bilan. It's actually not even hundreds of thousands, and millions. But Mack is not like the man who last year earned a million dollars. "Gala records", in pursuit of their Mercantile goals, can cause serious psychological trauma. She can't believe what they say about her. And then it will discover that it actually is relevant to a small circle of people. And this is not the circle of people who need to sell discs in every tobacco shop.Flying in the New yearAlready there were cases when Maksim was erected slander. In particular, Andrey Malakhov, schitavshego in the air of "Russian Radio" information from the Internet, as if the singer at the age of eight deflowered by force, then had to retract it and to bring her an apology.Not to be in the same silly situation, I asked the press service of the company "Gala records" comment on statements of Viktor Baturin. But the employee of the press service of Xenia Busheva, after consulting with management, reported that they do not consider it necessary to give any comments in this occasion. Then I tried to independently assess the relevance of Maksim and its possible income. To this end, I sought advice from knowledgeable people.According to the government decree on minimum rates of royalties from 21 March 1994, the author must obtain not less than eight percent of the selling price media - enlighten me General Director of the First music publishers, Maxim Dmitriev. About this bet works of the Russian authors ' society (RAO). If a drive costs $ 2, the royalties are 16 to 18 cents. Thus, with a circulation of 1 million copies due to the author 160 - 180 thousand dollars.But if rights are transferred to the publisher, the rate may be more than about 10 percent, or 20 to 24 cents out of every drive. Accordingly, the author will receive 200 - 240 thousand dollars. It is only with the release of media, not counting royalties from radio and TV, from the sale of ringtones, real tones, etc. If we talk specifically about the singer Maksim, no one will say how much she received. It is a commercial secret.I can say only that the company "Gala records", which publishes its wheels, and is "white" company. It really pays copyright for the edition, which sold out. There are hundreds of thousands, as, for example, in the case of Dima Bilan. Everything else depends on the terms on which a contract was signed with a specific author. The publisher can agree with Mack that she receives royalties not eight percent, and 1 percent. Or even could buy the copyright for a fixed amount. Let's say for $ 100. This amount is usually written in the contracts. This specifies the maximum number of copies - one trillion carriers. In this case, the author gets nothing.- A year and a half ago Maksim spoke for just 1,300 - $ 1,500, " said concert organiser Sergei Chertkov. - A little later a visiting concerts she has gradually risen to $ 3,000. And then the cost of the concert Maksim soared to 10 thousand dollars. What cooperation with the singer stopped due to lack of demand. Nobody wanted to pay that kind of money for it.Just before the New year for Maksim after a long break again there were orders. For her concert, was suggested to 15 thousand dollars. But representatives Maksim requested 20 - 25 thousand. And not dollars, and euros. As a result a single concert we were never. All customers, the answer was one: "goodbye!" But even if she's in this New year somewhere and fulfilled, this does not mean that all these 20 - 25 thousand went to her personally in his pocket. I understand that most of this money take it the producers of "Gala records". She Maksim, most likely, gets 10 percent - 20. This is the standard rate for artists who are on contract at a large company. Source: Millions of readers Maksim - fiction "Gala records"".

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