`Valkyrie` has been postponed until autumn 2008

`Valkyrie` has been postponed until autumn 2008The film Studio United Artists and MGM has moved the premiere of the film directed by Bryan singer with Tom cruise starring Valkyrie from 4 July to 3 October 2008, according to Variety.The singer will take the stage of the battle, which explains how the hero Cruz, a Nazi officer, participated in the conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler, has lost its eyes and fingers. Initially the scene, which takes place during the hostilities in North Africa, is planning to shoot outside the U.S., however, the Studio has revised these plans and is now engaged in the search for a suitable place in the USA.Studio UA wants to be sure that there is enough time to complete the work. Originally the premiere was planned for June 27. "Valkyrie" is the first film since finishing work on the film "Superman returns".Singer plans to finish out the scene in February, and the production of tapes to be completed by October. The postponement of the premiere of "Valkyrie" means that the movie will be released early next Oscar season.The decision to postpone the premiere of "Valkyrie" explains why earlier United Artists moved from March to 27 June, the start of the film by Timur Bekmambetov "wanted" with Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles. The fact that this day is considered one of the most profitable for the American market. He opens a long weekend prior to the national holiday - Independence Day (4 July).Now Valkyrie will compete in the rental tape of Warner Bros. Director guy Ritchie's RocknRolla with Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven and Thandie Newton in the lead roles, the film is Universal - The Express and Sony picture - Nora and Nick's Infinite Play.Previously, Tom cruise won the prestigious German film awards for his willingness to take risks during the filming of the movies. Award for "courage" was presented to the actor at the 59th annual ceremony, the Bambi Awards in Dusseldorf for his film "Valkyrie". The prize Committee noted that Cruz took on a rather ambitious project, which without him would not have been never implemented. Source: Valkyrie moved to fall 2008.

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