Jennifer Lopez expecting twins

Jennifer Lopez expecting twinsJennifer Lopez completed his tour of America and was engaged in the preparation for childbirth. Future mother arranges these forays into children's clothing stores.Although J Lo and her husband Marc Anthony don't tell details about the pregnancy of the singer, the Supervisory journalists still make some conclusions. So, the recent campaign for Jennifer odezhki for a long-awaited baby has brought them to the idea that 38-year-old star is expecting twins. Rumors went about that in Hollywood a long time ago, and the last purchase in a chic Los Angeles baby store Petit Tresor their further strengthened. The parents got a pair of overalls pink and blue, which got all the idea about waiting for their twins, People magazine writes. Informed sources from the environment of the spouses confirmed the publication of this information.Recall that in mid-November, Jennifer Lopez was in the hospital with a threatened miscarriage. The doctors advised her to terminate the tour of America Server and get plenty of rest, as strenuous activity could endanger the child. The mother of the singer also asked her to move away from live performances to the pregnancy proceeded quietly. Source: Jennifer Lopez expecting twins.

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