The funeral of Alexander Abdulov over the scandal

The funeral of Alexander Abdulov over the scandalDuring the burial of the body of actor friends of the deceased brutally insulted his widow Julia Kristina Miloslavskaya.The widow of the deceased tried to take the process into their own hands and give reasonable orders, when suddenly several men roughly pulled her up."Thou art not here to give orders! Stand there and be quiet!" "said a hurtful word of mouth is the closest seemed to be friends of the family.Julia was a terrible tantrum. It long could not calm...FarewellOnly by a lucky chance nobody has suffered during the civil funeral in "Lenkom".A crowd of thousands of fans of the actor at some point divided, and a huge number of citizens were on the streets. As promised people later allow to go to the theatre and to say goodbye to Abdulov - none of this happened.According to one of participants of the cordon, "the leadership feared a possible loss of life, if crush inside the building exit and entrance"."I came specially to say goodbye to Alexander Gavrilovich from Siberia, - told "Your DAY" one of the outraged fans of the actor. - I'm not afraid of the cold, I - Siberian. But what scares me is that we - ordinary Russians - were divided into those who can say at the tomb Abdulov last words, and for those who can not be allowed in the theatre.Meanwhile in the hall, where was located the coffin with the body of the deceased, calmly passed the stars of our show business.- Maybe we have a daughter and not as a luxury bouquet as Pugacheva - lamenting a resident of St. Petersburg Nina Petrovna, who came to Moscow to bid farewell to Abdulov, but we would also like to pay tribute and gratitude to Alexander Gavrilovich. However, we stand in the cold, and Alla went, and nobody is straightened, saying, get up, woman, the tail of the queue...Several thousand Muscovites and visitors of capital have been left in the cold until 14.45 car with the coffin of the deceased has not left "Lenkom".Those who came to pay tribute to the talent of Alexander Gavrilovic directly Vagankovskoye cemetery, witnessed the poignant speech of the head of "Lenkom" Mark Zaharov.- I apologize to Sasha for being unreasonably hard on him! wiping away the tears at the grave Abdulov said mark Anatolyevich. When he came to the company, I have failed to see this talent. I was wrong. A few years Sasha had hard times. And this is entirely my fault. He was suffering, and I know it only because of my blindness, callousness, undue severity. Forgive me, Alex! I'm sorry...On the grave of someone gently placed a red and white scarf. Longtime fan of "Spartak" from loyal fans of his acting talent...DreamA few hours before his death Abdulov has returned to his dream - film "Converted". The first of January, he asked friends that evening were to visit him, to bring him the script of the film, glasses and... crackers.- He had a habit - remember colleagues of the actor on the stage, loved Sasha to chew the biscuit! Sometimes without, and sometimes tea in his house first. Then felt a surge of strength.Who will finish shooting the film-dreams Abdulov, is still unknown, but at the farewell ceremony for the colleagues of the actor talked about the willingness to complete the follow Alexander Gavrilovich project. Source: the Funeral of Alexander Abdulov over the scandal.

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