Matt Damon left $1 thousand a tip for a Cup of coffee

Matt Damon left $1 thousand a tip for a Cup of coffeeHe was recently named the sexiest man in the world, and now it turns out that the generosity of Matt Damon in no way inferior to its attractiveness, reported showbizspy.The star of "the Bourne Ultimatum" was struck by the staff at the restaurant Ago in Miami, when he left a Cup of coffee is $ 1,000 tip."It was incredible, they could not believe. This is a nice restaurant with a very famous and wealthy clientele - but even there these tips no one gives," said an informed source.37-year-old actor, who lives in one of the most exclusive suburbs of Miami with his family, is known for his modesty and charm.In the restaurant, he came in the morning to drink a Cup of coffee. Although the actor refused to be photographed with one of the waiters, he more than compensated for it with your wallet. Instead of the usual 10% for a Cup of coffee cost $ 5 Damon left 20000%."Matt came alone. He was wearing a baseball cap and t shirt. He was very helpful and courteous. The waiter asked to take a photo, but Matt refused, saying he did not want a row. The guy is a little upset, but understood. And when you see the tip, was just happy," says the source. Source: Matt Damon left $1 thousand a tip for a Cup of coffee.

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