The star of `Brokeback mountain` was found dead in his apartment

The star of `Brokeback mountain` was found dead in his apartmentAustralian actor Heath Ledger was found dead in his new York apartment in Manhattan, according to live CNN TV channel. The body of the actor was found Sunday by his housekeeper.Police have yet to release any details of the death of Ledger. Meanwhile, according to Variety, the NYPD does not exclude the version about a drug overdose: near the body of the actor were found some medications, reports RIA "Novosti"."We are looking into the possibility of the death having occurred as the result of a drug overdose," according to Variety the words of the representative of the city police.Lately in the personal life of the actor, not everything went smoothly in September he broke up with his girlfriend Michelle Williams, who also starred in "Brokeback mountain" and who was the mother of his two daughters, informs bi-Bi-si.According to critics, the actor could become a star as the Joker in the last series of the epic on Batman, which should be released this year.28-year-old Heath Ledger became famous thanks to the movie "Brokeback mountain" by ang Lee about the cowboys-homosexuals, where he played a major role. Shooting in this film earned him a nomination for "Oscar" and "Golden globe" for best actor. In addition, the Ledger has played in such bands as "the Patriot", "a knight's tale", "the Brothers Grimm", "Casanova" and "monster's Ball".Heath Ledger was engaged to actress Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams), which broke up in September 2007. From Williams, the actor left a two year old daughter Matilda rose (Matilda Rose). Source: the Star of "Brokeback mountain" was found dead in his apartment.

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