Nine of the most `hot` pregnant celebrities

Nine of the most `hot` pregnant celebrities In Hollywood a baby boom. Recently given birth Milla Jovovich and Salma Hayek, there are rumors of a new pregnancy Britney Spears, and being six months pregnant Christina Aguilera posed Nude for Marie Claire.Maxim magazine has published nine of the hottest pregnant celebrities - the list includes stars who are now in a position and have already given birth, but destroyed during the pregnancy of their sexuality.Helly BerryThe father of the child: a male model Gabriel AubryThe epithets "forty" and "pregnant" not normally associated with sexuality, but to the actress Halley berry is not the case. Besides deserves respect the courage with which she wears during pregnancy short dresses. Now berry is on the fifth month.Christina AguileraThe child's father: husband Jordan BratmanShe's probably not destined for a while to tumble in the mud in the ring, as in her famous clip, but the pregnancy didn't put Kristina to appear on the days naked in a photo shoot for the magazine Marie Claire.Heidi KlumThe father of the last child: the pop singer sealHeidi already had three children, but her figure each time quickly took his still perfect shape. Even when in the last stages of pregnancy she was Project Runway, clothes for expectant mothers looked on it as lingerie fromVictoria s Secret.Brooke BurkeThe father of the last child: the French actor David ServeAmerican host and model known for led show on channel E. Now 36-year-old star is pregnant with fourth child to be born in the spring of 2008.Gwen StefaniThe father of the child: singer Gavin Rossdale38-year-old singer gave birth to her first firstborn son Kingston, from Rossdale in 2006. Now the couple is preparing to have another baby.Angelina JolieThe child's father: brad pittHis only natural child, daughter, Shiloh Nouvel, Jolie gave birth to in 2006 from lover brad pitt. However, aside from Shiloh, Angelina have three more children, sons Maddox and pax and daughter Zahara, whom she adopted in different countries.Naomi WattsThe child's father: actor Liev Schreiber39-year-old British actress has always been sexy, and even pregnancy does not negatively affect her. Son, Alexander, she was born in July of this year.Jamie PresleyThe father of the baby: DJ Eric Calvo30-year-old American actress and model has nothing to do with the musician Elvis Presley, except that a big belly is much more than the legend of rock ' n ' roll. Her first boy, Daisy James Calvo, was born in may of this year.Monica BellucciThe child's father: actor Vincent CasselMaybe blame her Italian roots, but Monica was never ashamed to show her body, including during pregnancy, starring for Vanity Fair. His only daughter Dev she gave birth in 2004. Source: Nine of the hottest pregnant celebrities (photos).

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