Bilan put on Nelly Furtado diamond cross

Bilan put on Nelly Furtado diamond crossThe world famous singer Nelly Furtado with pleasant surprise and the visible pleasure took from the hands of our singers gift - the diamond cross.Dima was so glad to see a colleague and friend just that to celebrate, drew from his side pocket a box of expensive ornament and handed it to the astonished singer. It happened at the European MTV awards in Munich, where Bilan came for the third time in a row to represent our country as best actor.Here Dima is like a native. So this time, walking down the red carpet, he exchanged pleasantries with such world stars like Tokio Hotel, Craig David and Sarah O'connor. With many he met closer to the traditional party after the ceremony.- I've come here, so I can safely say that I know almost everything - confessed pleased with the trip, the singer of "Z". And, frankly, every time I come to the ceremony with his award. Why? I like... Because all the awards to the artists come later, but I already have.PartyHere, the singer didn't waste any time. He gladly led small talk with the stars, and acquainted them with his girlfriend Lena Kuletskaya, which, to unexpected joy, was able to escape for a day in Germany.We had a great talk with the guys from Tokio Hotel, talked about the fan clubs, continues Dima. - And they agreed that in Russia they have the best fans. But I was especially glad to see Nelly Furtado. Upon meeting her I wanted to please her and I gave her a diamond cross. But I never expected that she would wear it on the neck. I was doubly pleased. Source: Bilan put on Nelly Furtado diamond cross.

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