Edita was the victim of a political scandal

Edita was the victim of a political scandalFamous singer arrived today in Nizhny Novgorod region, to perform at a charity concert. But to sing the EHA did not give: she was the victim of a political scandal.Star concert was to be held at the Academy of Sambo Kstovo. Organizers - one of the political parties on the eve of the prepared room and dressing room. And this morning the owners of the hall suddenly appeared to provide a concert venue. EHA learning about it, not upset: "I can sing on the street!" she stated.In the hour of the day, the singer, as promised, arrived in Kstovo and went to the square in front of the Academy of Sambo, where not even had time to equip the stage. But only people's favorite to take the microphone - "suddenly the power went out, and on the square there was a militia and OMON.One of the policemen took the EHA by the elbow and asked her to go to jail. She politely refused, got in the car and went to Nizhny Novgorod.The police explained the incident by the fact that the rally was not sanctioned by the authorities."But that's not a protest, but the concert! - outraged the audience who came to listen to the EHA.In response, the police took away two particularly unhappy in the office. And EHA without problems gave a concert in Nizhny Novgorod club. Source: Edita was the victim of a political scandal.

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