Lagutenko removed without pregnant girlfriend

Lagutenko removed without pregnant girlfriendIlya Lagutenko seems very happy with his current sweetheart Anya Zhukova. Musician surrounds her with attention and care, but to provide all the nuances.Recently, the couple traveled to Ufa, where the group "Mumiy Troll" were touring. Illya had insisted that Anna lived in the same room. Lovers all over appeared together.Idyll marred only unpleasant incident. In bar Elias and Anna saw the pictures on the walls had been in the hotel of celebrities."And you're here to eat?" "asked Anna."I don't know, but they sort of have, I've stayed here," replied Illya.Then she found herself photo Lagutenko. In the picture was captured Ilya, but there was his ex-girlfriend, fashion designer Nadia Tale.The mood Zhukova seems to immediately spoiled - Ilya with a guilty air, began to whisper something to her ear, "Komsomolskaya Pravda".In the end, the musician asked the wait character the hotel to remove the wall picture, promising a new return. Only this time posing Lagutenko decided one. Ilya generally trying once again not to "Shine" friend and protects her from photographers.If you believe the rumors, Anna is waiting for Elijah's child. A musician himself at a press conference indirectly confirmed the rumors about it.When asked which song he would choose for their unborn child, Ilya said:"I think about it, now prepare a special plate... The more that this issue will soon become relevant," he added, and discreetly winked at Anna. Source: Lagutenko removed without pregnant girlfriend.

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