George Clooney got into a fight with the model for dinner

George Clooney got into a fight with the model for dinnerWell, lived, comrades. Say, George Clooney got into a fight - and who, with the model! Thank God male. The guy's name is Fabio Lanzoni, and they grappled with George at one of the restaurants of Los Angeles.George had dinner together with his girlfriend Sarah Larsen in a place called Madeo and, according to rumors, was furious when he saw that Fabio with friends came to his table and started snapping pictures.Clooney stuck to the model, who began to deny it, as if photographed with friends, no more - and have said to George, "I thought you were a nice guy... Stop being a diva". Well, there's George and could not resist. Still - diva called. Eyewitnesses say that he stood up and pushed Fabio, after which a scuffle broke out."George, of course, drinks at dinner, say witnesses. - He was not drunk, but sober and crystal could not be called".The fighters were quickly separated the waiters, so much bloodshed did not happen. Clooney immediately paid the bill and left the restaurant halfway through dinner. His representatives had no immediate comment on the incident.Eh... it's not johnny Depp, my dear. One is that their children will not allow anyone to remove - and so at least at the airport before his departure podlugovi, always sign and take a picture with you, poor soul... Source: George Clooney got into a fight with the model for dinner.

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