Visit Spears in one of Hollywood hotels led to a fight

Visit Spears in one of Hollywood hotels led to a fightThe daily life of the controversial pop singer Britney Spears remains under the scrutiny of the American yellow press.This time, tabloids report that the machine Britney was evacuated by police and her visit to one of Hollywood hotels led to a fight, reports AP.In fact the brawl at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly hills, the police were called. However, police officer Karen Smith said that the star was not the culprit of this mess. "She left the hotel, when one of the paparazzi and the security guard was a fight," said a police officer. Fights broke even before the arrival of the outfit. Nobody was not arrested.Meanwhile, the police reported that on Monday at about 20:00 local time Spears threw his Mercedes-Benz new model on sunset Boulevard, near the University of California, due to the fact that she had a flat tire. "She left the car unattended, and it interfered with the movement, therefore, was evacuated," said Smith.To get the car back, Spears will need to pay for towing and storage of the vehicle at the rate of 35.2 per day.According to the website when her car broke down, Spears drove up to the house one of the paparazzi that constantly follow her around. After that she went to the Four Seasons hotel.Last week, Britney came to the clinic after the scandal. On Thursday, Britney Spears brought her two sons to his home in Beverly hills - this date was held, with court approval. When the ex-husband of Britney and the boy's father, Kevin Motherhood came to the house Britney to pick up the kids, Britney refused to give them. According to some, she let two of Sean to his father, and she locked herself in the bathroom along with a year-old Jayden James.On call Federline drove up to the house of his lawyer mark Kaplan. After all their attempts to take the children failed, they called the police. On a scene there arrived five police cars, a police helicopter and the carriage "first aid". Britney strapped to a stretcher and taken to hospital.In the clinic, the singer was diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis".The next day U.S. Federal court ruled in favor of Kevin Federline on the case about the custody of their children. A judge has temporarily banned the singer to visit her children. Following a hearing on the issue of custody is scheduled for January 14.Meanwhile, on Saturday Spears alone left the hospital. Source: Visit Spears in one of Hollywood hotels led to a fight.

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