`The irony of fate-2` will release in the rental ahead of time

`The irony of fate-2` will release in the rental ahead of time"Gemini film, the distributor of the film "Irony of fate-2" and its producers decided to move the premiere of the sequel paintings by Eldar Ryazanov "the Irony of fate or With light steam!" at an earlier date.So they want to beat the record of box office receipts in the Russian box, the newspaper "Kommersant".Earlier, Russian distributors tried to release the potential blockbusters in early January. It was expected that the premiere of "the Irony of fate-2" Timur Bekmambetov will also be held in early January and not in December. According to the distributor of the picture, the transfer date of the premiere will collect the film 45-50 million dollars at the box office. In addition, the film promised two years not to produce a monitor to interest and those who usually waits for cinepremiere.The plot of the new film the characters in the movie Ryazanov have children (son Lukashin and daughter of Hope and Hippolytus) between which occur the same events, and between their parents.Earlier, the leader of the Russian film distribution was the movie "Day watch", the Director who was also Bekmambetov. Source: "the Irony of fate-2" will release in the rental ahead of time.

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