The Basques have sex with a new partner

The Basques have sex with a new partnerOn the set of "Kingdom of crooked mirrors" famous singer asked the Director to add in the script the sex scenes. Nikolay Baskov invited the head of the project Alexander Hodinu to dilute the film's erotic scenes.- In the "Kingdom" not enough sex! - said the singer. - Let's do erotic with my partner!I am glad to take part in these shootings! I miss sex!Inspired by the enthusiasm of the singer, the Director initially supported the idea, but after a little thought, refused it:- Kohl's, we will be watching the kids! Don't forget, the film is set for release on new year's eve!Filming the Christmas project "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors", where Nikolay Baskov plays a major role Yakupova (Parrot), singer get up to mischief in earnest, the newspaper "Your day"."I almost single - joked Nicholas. - I want to love!And when he saw his partner - "miss Russia" Victoria Kirilenko, the artist generally had a ball.- Was not was, let's shoot a bed scene! - winking newly Juliet, said the tenor.The role of the Basques came with great responsibility.Because it is important to embrace the fact that we play, " said Nicholas. According to the script I'm in love with Juliet. What better bed will be able to convey these emotions?"You know, I thoroughly thought through all scenarios of erotic scenes," continues the singer. - Imagine Romeo in bed waits for Juliet. Here in the picture appears and she begins to undress. Removes the blouse, skirt... Beautiful! Sorry that my directorial talent is not appreciated. It is true, little kids that watch in the new year night is impossible!The shooting, which took place in "Lenexpo" pavilions, Nicholas truly relaxed.- Long time I was not like this, " admitted the singer. - Will you look at that, I am surrounded by some beautiful women!- Goddess! excitedly whispered tenor, feeding the ladies bunches of grapes and pouring glasses of red wine. - I lost my head!And in confirmation of the words the singer suddenly started to dance along with the chorus.- I all life dreamt of such a role, at the end of filming admitted Nicholas. - This is so cool! Source: Basque sex with a new partner.

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