In Hollywood has estimated the losses from the abolition of the ceremony of `Golden globe`

In Hollywood has estimated the losses from the abolition of the ceremony of `Golden globe`Hollywood counts the losses associated with the cancellation of the awards ceremony "Golden globe" and the decision to hold instead of a simple press conference to which some stars still promised to be.Suppliers of food products, limo drivers, stylists, owners, and dozens of correspondents of leading magazines and television shows were out of work, and, respectively, and without profit, after the festive dinner and the traditional passage of stars on the red carpet were the victims of lasting for nine weeks of the Hollywood writers ' strike, reports Reuters."This has hurt the interests of many people," the economist said the Los Angeles company County Economic Development Corp. Jack Kaiser. According to his estimates, the ceremony of "Golden globe" yields a yearly budget of Los Angeles 70-80 million dollars. "A large number of club parties with a budget of 200 thousand dollars each were cancelled. It hurt the owners of hotels, security services, the staff of the garages, as well as stylists," added Kaiser.According to a source close to the leadership of channels, most TV shows, which were supposed to appear on television and movie stars, too, have been cancelled. In particular, the demonstration programs, and reports had to give up HBO and NBC, as well as In Style magazine, owned by Warner Bros..Meanwhile, today it was announced that at least 1,000 employees of Warner Bros. can be fired after 11 January. On November 12, five days after the beginning of protests Guild Hollywood writers, the Studio issued a warning, which indicated that 60 days after the beginning of the strike members can be reduced. This news was the first sign that soon in Hollywood can ride the wave of mass layoffs.It is not yet known what format will be a press conference for the Golden globe awards, scheduled for Sunday, but no celebrations involving the press and the stars definitely not expected. In addition, it is highly unlikely that the winners in such nominations as best actor, Director and film are for your rewards.Hundreds of photographers, many of whom are freelancers hired for filming at the ceremony "Golden globe", also will lose your job and lose large fees. As reported in the largest Los Angeles-based Agency Splash, his staff will spend the day watching what they do stars instead of appearing on the red carpet. Source: Hollywood has estimated the losses from the abolition of the ceremony of "Golden globe"".

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