Babkina decided to adopt a child

Babkina decided to adopt a childHope G. Babkina on information occasions will soon Eclipse Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. We had not time to depart from its transformation into Madonna as the Queen of Russian song said.The laurels of West divas do not give rest to our star. Recently beloved by millions of Russians Nadezhda Babkina never ceases to amaze. Over the past year she was very thin and looked younger, changed the kokoshnik and Russian sundress clothing from leading fashion designers. But the actress did not stop there. In mid-January, when all of our party blazed a trail in the French Courchevel and St. Moritz, Switzerland, Babkina went to South Africa.It turns out that Nadezhda Georgievna seriously interested in black children of South Africa. On arrival in South Africa Babkina immediately visited the orphanage for the orphans. "I've been wanting to do it. I think this is a wonderful idea. My son I've raised, I will now together with the team involved in somebody else's," commented the singer.Roo his action.Abroad Babkina intends to choose the most curious, active and friendly baby. Similar experience for us is not news. Many celebrities have already decided on this charity step. Adoption of children is, as you know, the fashionable Hollywood trend.Champion the adoption of children is considered to be a actress and goodwill Ambassador Committee for refugees UN Angelina Jolie. She and brad pitt in addition to their own daughter, Shiloh, born in may 2006, have a foster child - a Cambodian boy they named Maddox, and a girl from Ethiopia named Saharas.Baby David Banda from a poor African family in Malawi live in the family of singer Madonna and her husband, Director guy Ritchie, for a year. However, the artist still has no rights to that child. Despite all the scandals and rumors, David Banda will almost certainly remain in the family of the singer. By the way, his father is alive and well today. He was pleased that his son was in good hands. Source: Gorky decided to adopt a child.

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