Mariah Carey decided to sunbathe Topless

Mariah Carey decided to sunbathe ToplessPop star Mariah Carey came out to relax on one of the Caribbean resorts.Both she managed as well as possible: in the photo the singer looks refreshed (and generally much younger than in life). As for the possibility to relax, then this opportunity Mariah missed and relaxed so much that he decided to sunbathe Topless. And the paparazzi this point is not missed.Fortunately, Mariah (and to the chagrin of the paparazzi), under her hand was the magazine, the singer covered up all the fun.NOT so long ago, the singer made a splash at the ceremony of World music Awards held in Monaco. Immediately before the ceremony took place pre-party where we invited not only singers and musicians, and other celebrities. Mariah Carey became what is called a highlight. Though her prize and did not get it, it seems, was satisfied with himself and everywhere touting their new album and a new perfume. Apparently, to secure the success of the singer dressed in such a skimpy dress that was impossible to pass by. Source: Mariah Carey decided to sunbathe Topless.

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