Paul McCartney rejuvenated with the help of surgeons

Paul McCartney rejuvenated with the help of surgeonsGiven all that he had to endure in recent times, sir Paul McCartney is quite possible to forgive the appearance of two new wrinkles. However, 65-year-old singer apparently wasn't satisfied with their appearance, the newspaper Daily Mail.Friends say that shortly before heart surgery in London, the musician made his cosmetic surgery for facial rejuvenation in new York. Namely, he removed the wrinkles around the eyes, and also sagging skin above and below them. As a result, the face of the ex-beatle now looks much younger.Photos taken at the beginning of last year demonstrate how the divorce from Heather mills has affected his appearance. Sir Paul looked shabby, with a net of wrinkles around the eyes.Although heart surgery in September, undoubtedly improved the blood flow and consequently the complexion, it hardly explains the disappearance of sagging skin.London plastic surgeon Alex Karidis says: "His lower eyelids look different. On newer pictures this area much more clean. "Both eyes are definitely less skin than before," he adds.However, the plastic surgeon Lucy Clancy speaks more cautiously: "I would say that between these two photos he dropped a lot of weight".Meanwhile, spokesman Paul McCartney was named to the all the rumors that he's had plastic surgery, nonsense. Source: Paul McCartney rejuvenated with the help of surgeons.

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