Anna Kovalchuk secretly married

Anna Kovalchuk secretly marriedActress Anna Kovalchuk, familiar to wider audiences for his roles in the TV series "Secrets of the investigation" and "the Master and Margarita", became the lawful wife of her lover Oleg Kapustin.For her, this marriage was the second one. Previously Kovalchuk spent several years in marriage with my colleague Anatoly Ilchenko, the couple has a teenage daughter Zlata.However, a few years ago, family life is fractured, and the couple broke up. Kovalchuk did not long remain alone. Soon she began to notice in the company of respectable men. Companion actress Casals Oleg Kapustin - former interior Ministry officer, and now a businessman (say, he is involved in the trade).Relationship the lovers were serious: some time ago a couple on hand even appeared similar to a wedding ring. This gave rise to rumors about the wedding, but then this, apparently, was only the engagement.Wedding Anna Kovalchuk and Oleg Kapustin was held recently in St. Petersburg, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."Registration took place on 1 December in the famous Palace on the promenade des Anglais, - told one of his close friends of the couple. Witness from the groom was a friend of his at work in the organs, and since the bride is a close friend of Anna, an employee of the Theatre named after Lensovet".At the wedding party gathered more than one hundred people: Oleg's mother, Anna's parents, her daughter Zlata and colleagues of Oleg. Everything happened in secrecy, guests are kindly requested not to make photos."Guests walked for a long time, - has told then guests. - And in the evening by torchlight brought amazing beauty of a thoroughbred horse! It was a gift Oleg Anna at the wedding. She was surprised and delighted, because the actress loves horses. And now she has her own horse!".

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