The shocking truth about his childhood Britney Spears

The shocking truth about his childhood Britney SpearsUncle Britney Spears, 49-year-old William Spears, told the newspaper The Sun the shocking truth about her childhood fallen pop star.William Spears is living in a camper near hometown Britney - of Kentwood in Louisiana and works as a welder. "I'm not just a friend of the family. I was there every day and saw how there are all these terrible things," he says.According to him, the familiarity of Britney with alcohol took place in 13 years. One day he was invited to the party of the TV show "the Mickey mouse Club", which was attended Britney with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. "Children in the evening drinking. They took a bottle of gin in the bath and drank there. I saw it," says William.According to him, at the age of 14 Britney started Smoking marijuana. "Her brother Brian was the star of the school football team. They went to the best parties where there were drugs and alcohol," says William."Almost everyone in the Spears family of the drunkard, and the father of Britney, Jamie, was the most notorious. He drank from morning till night, and Britney saw it," he adds.William, himself a former drug addict, says he took drugs together with Britney: "On my 18th birthday she was using cocaine. We were at a party in the apartment. I saw how she was using in front of me. We also smoked there the grass.".

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