Johnny Depp is the most `expensive` Hollywood

Johnny Depp is the most `expensive` Hollywood According, actor johnny Depp, starring in the films "pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end" and "Sweeney Todd" is the highest-paid actor 2007.In 2003, johnny Depp was ranked sixth in the list of highest paid actors, in 2005 - the second, and in 2006 - the first.According to Quigley Publishing Company, second after Depp is will Smith starring in the movie "I am legend", the third place went to George Clooney, who starred in such films as "Michael Clayton" and "Thirteen " ocean".A dozen actors who have won over the past year, as follows:1. Johnny Depp2. Will Smith3. George Clooney4. Matt Damon5. Denzel Washington6. Russell Crowe7. Tom Cruise8. Nicolas Cage9. Will Ferrell10. Tom Hanks Source: johnny Depp is the most "expensive" Hollywood (photos).

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