Lenya Golubkov became a teacher at the Academy Berkova

Lenya Golubkov became a teacher at the Academy Berkova At the end of last year, actor Vladimir Permyakov, the Creator of the image of the legendary Leni Golubkova, was 55 years old. Looking for excavator operator Lenya, who promised to buy my wife's boots, people brought all their savings in cash "MMM".However, the artist himself on his popularity, millions have acquired. And still makes his bread and butter exclusively in acting, the secret of which is ready to share with the youth.Last year for Vladimir was successful in terms of creativity. He filmed a lot, particularly recently arrived from Egypt, where he participated in the creation of a documentary film "Confessions of Leni Golubkova," directed by Alexander Hausberge. On the Internet channel CORBINA.TV appeared videoanekdoty in his performance. Played Permyakov also in series. For example, in Teletopia "Happy together", he appeared as a teacher in acting school. To some extent, this role proved prophetic.Vladimir Sergeyevich offered to teach stage movement of students of the Academy porn star Elena Berkova. The contract called for hard work during the new year holidays, but Vladimir agreed. He allowed our reporters to attend the first session, which took place in one of the most famous strip clubs of Moscow "Stud".Naked provocationVladimir himself is a modest man. And at first cheeky coeds it was definitely confused. But the artist quickly took himself in hand.- In the pole dance is important not only eroticism but also the balance! - he taught the girls. - Precise gesture, body movement is the key to a quick reaction of the viewers.However, young ward quickly got bored "to gnaw granite of science". And already 20 minutes later, postosuchus, they offered their artistic Sensei to drink champagne "for the sake of the party".After a few glasses of Vladimir Sergeevich noticeably loosened up. And began to tell jokes.- Know what the New year? he puzzled the girls. Is Halloween for Christmas trees!Charmer chuckled, and then said that it is ready to comprehend the wisdom of canadiene "in-kind". Razoblachivshii, they helped get rid of clothes and creative cartridge. The action flowed smoothly into the basement with soft leather sofas and bubbling Jacuzzi. The girls finally broke, even tearing off his swimwear. But "Leon" was adamant:- I won't let you break a contract! - strictly said he restless students. "Rest, and again will do.When Permyakov moved in the Jacuzzi in the company of Nude ozonic, we consider it best to retire. For the artist we were gentle: for the ambitious business man will always be more important than any body!The last we heard climbing the stairs out of the rest, was the Estonian song about the Christmas tree in temperamental performance Permyakova with characteristic Baltic accent:Small-lanikai ate-LockeCold cold in winter.From l-forest ate-Locke took-whether we are home.And while from l-forestThe relieved-asili spruceVe-e-Esel-lo, ve-e-Esel-loMet April! Source: Lenya Golubkov became a teacher at the Academy Berkova (photo).

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