Soso Pavliashvili operated in a Moscow clinic

Soso Pavliashvili operated in a Moscow clinicThe singer went to the hospital due to pain in the lower back, slanting cut out a busy schedule some free time. After examination, doctors found that the situation is serious health and surgical intervention can not be avoided.Yesterday morning, 44-year-old singer in clinic brought an assistant.- Soso arrived, as always, beautiful, fit and smiling, " said the nurse.The singer met the doctor and held him to his room Suite. The clinic staff has created all the conditions to make the star feel comfortable.OperationThe procedure was scheduled for two o'clock, but it had briefly delayed. He operated the famous patient Department head Petr Tsarkov. It lasted forty minutes, and at about three o'clock Soso Pavliashvili go home.- The operation was successful, now the patient's condition is satisfactory. With time everything is normalized, said the physician offices. Source: Soso Pavliashvili operated in a Moscow clinic.

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