`Hooker` accused of boy George in the violence

`Hooker` accused of boy George in the violenceStar 80-ies, singer Fight George were charged with unlawful imprisonment because he was chained "boy" in his apartment, reports AFP.Scotland Yard reported that 47-year-old musician, known for his hit " Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? was accused of the incident in his London apartment on April 28 of this year.28-year-old boy on call" Norwegian Auden Carlsen then told that boy George and another man grabbed him and cuffed when he was at their invitation that came to his house to pose for a photo shoot.According to Carlsen, playing with whips and sex toys, with the words "Now you're gonna get what they deserve", George and his friend chained him to the wall. The man managed to escape, pulling the hook out of the wall.Boy George (real name George Odowd) was released on bail and must appear in court in London on November 22.Last August, the boy George was forced to change the microphone on the broom to go through a week of public works due to the fact that he gave a false report of theft from his apartment in Manhattan. Arrived at the scene the police found the cocaine.Now boy George performs as a DJ and produces clothing under the label B-Rude. Source: "the Boy on call" accused boy George of violence.

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