Anfisa Chekhov advises MPs to be more modest

Anfisa Chekhov advises MPs to be more modestAnfisa Chekhov has given interview to the newspaper "Arguments and Facts", which talked about how to get a man, told that the people in Russia, according to her observation, becoming more and more liberated, and was appalled by the hypocrisy and pretentious sex orgies deputies.About menAs Chekhov said, "our modern society requires a man too much. That it drew the attention of the worthy woman, the man has too many and difficult to work with. Every second to strain to think about expanding his business, new contacts. He, poor man, I don't have sex, but thoughts about a career, car, etc.And just physically do not have time for love, he could not invite to the negotiations favourite lady in the toilet and have sex with her? And, then, statistics is a strange thing. For example, there is evidence that the average man has sex more often than the woman. Who then, sorry? With members of their own sex? Or myself?".

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