Stellar business woman overtook the mysterious death

Stellar business woman overtook the mysterious deathThe Manhattan police are investigating a mysterious and, apparently, the scandalous case: in my own apartment was found dead known in the circles of Hollywood celebrities businesswoman. On her body in the preliminary examination is a strange injury.They put detectives on the idea of violent death.Now they have to find out whether the woman died at the hands of the killer. And if so, who'd want to hurt Linda Stein, 62-year-old lady, who for many years had the stars help business plan.The apartment of the deceased was located on Fifth Avenue, one of the most prestigious areas of Manhattan. No sign of forced entry, which could be indicative of penetration into the apartment by an unknown attacker, no. In addition, the autopsy showed the woman died from blunt force injuries of the head and neck.Dottie Herman is the closest friend of the deceased, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Р rudential Douglas Elliman, a staff member who was dead, said to the police that the last time Linda Stein had serious health problems. She was diagnosed with "breast cancer".The patient, according to her friend, was suffering from dizziness and bouts of nausea, so that she had received the injury could hypothetically be the result of a bad fall in a faint. "Maybe Linda lost her balance and fell. I just can't imagine that someone would want her dead," added Herman, giving testimony to the police.However, the police, according to the new York journalists, still accepted as the main version of the murder. What is the investigation the suspects are not yet known.Also there is no information about that, see whether the detectives the relationship between professional Linda Stein and her death. I lost an extensive track record: she, in his youth worked as a school teacher, was the wife of the former President of the record company Sire Records.This firm has achieved considerable fame in the 1970-ies and 1980-ies. It was then that the Sire Records was inextricably linked with the Madonna and The Ramones and Talking Heads, first making them names, and then receiving dividends.Some time itself Stein was the Manager of The Ramones together with Danny fields, but then left the band to start their own business. As a new scope of application of their professional qualities businesswoman chose real estate.Taking advantage of previously purchased bonds in the circles of show business, Linda Stein quickly achieved success. Among the clients whom she was looking for housing, featured celebrities such as sting, Madonna, Michael Douglas and Angelina Jolie.Information about the investigation, apparently, will be published later - after having established whether the death of Linda Stein murder. In such cases, with VIPs world class investigators always try to be safe and to work through all the possible versions, even when the causes of human death, it would seem obvious.Recall that recently ended the investigation into Anna Nicole Smith, Playboy supermodels, who died under suspicious circumstances on the eve of his wedding. Investigators found that her death was the result of an overdose of drugs, which gave the star her plastic surgeon.Before going to the altar with her partner Howard stern, Anna Nicole Smith decided to do a facelift, but the operation was not entirely successful. The inflammatory process has begun, and star abused pain medicines containing narcotics. Source: the Star business lady overtook the mysterious death.

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