Jolie believes his daughter an outcast in the family

Jolie believes his daughter an outcast in the familyHollywood star Angelina Jolie has successfully combined an acting career with raising four children. With her lover brad pitt, the actress built up of three adopted kids and one native daughter Shiloh Nouvel.With his only biological child of Angelina considers an outcast in his family, the newspaper Sun. All the other kids in the family is really very different from star parents and their daughter.Maddox was born in Cambodia. He was swarthy, with dark hair and eyes. His sister Zahara Marley was born in Ethiopia and has the proper appearance. Pax Thien - latest adopted son of pitt and Jolie is originally from Vietnam and is also very similar to the parents.So little Shiloh Nouvel looks really white crow in the background of the brothers and sisters."She looks like brad. It's funny because she's almost become a pariah in the family, because she is blue-eyed blonde," says Angelina Jolie.Earlier, in an interview with Angelina admitted that much more feelings cause she adopted children. "I felt a lot more in relation to Maddu, the male and PACS because they were "survivors". And Shiloh seemed to be in a privileged position since its birth.".

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