Experiences brought Baskov to exhaustion

Experiences brought Baskov to exhaustionDiet and exercise there is absolutely nothing to do with it, " he explained to the astonished audience singer. - Have you heard about what happened in my life.I separated from my wife (the artist was married to the daughter of pharmaceutical magnate Boris Spiegel Svetlana. - Approx. ed.). Now she doesn't let me see my eight month old son Bronislaw. That's because of all these experiences and I lost weight. True, my ex-in-laws started the rumors about what I supposedly moved permanently to Spain. I was really there. But in the short - recorded a new album with Montserrat Caballe and returned to Russia.Despite all the experiences that were made by the artist perfectly. Perhaps because before the concert with his own hand he sprinkled the scene with Holy water. The bottle with her Nicholas had brought with him, since religious sentiments Baskov for the fans a long time. So before the concert in Krasnodar, one of the fans through the guard gave his idol a gift - an icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker. Source: Experiences brought Baskov to exhaustion.

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